Our Facility

At JE Oils, our pride rests in the creation of a state-of-the-art shea processing facility nestled in Abuja, Nigeria. Spread across a remarkable 2116 square meters, this facility is more than just a space—it is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Fitted with innovative machinery tailored for efficient shea nut processing, it represents our dedication to quality artisanry.

What sets our facility apart is not just its size but its purpose. Alongside the main processing units, we have meticulously designed external storage facilities to bolster our operational capabilities, ensuring a seamless workflow. However, the heart of our operations lies in our expansive 800-square-meter advanced laboratory.

This laboratory is not just a space for tests; it is a hub for our unwavering pursuit of quality. Here, our resolute team conducts rigorous quality control measures and engages in ongoing research to perfect our processes. For us, it is not just about meeting standards; it is about exceeding them.

Our investment in this facility is not merely about infrastructure; it is about shaping the future of the shea processing industry. JE Oils is driven by a passion to elevate standards and maintain the highest quality. This commitment positions us not only as leaders in our local sphere but also as innovators setting new benchmarks on the global stage.