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  • Our Team

    Team leadership

    Our hands on leadership approach sets us apart from the competition. With a leadership team made up of experts, stakeholders and partners, we share a common mission and vision for what we do and the standards we operate to.

    The combined experience of manufacturing, process excellence, technology innovation ensures best in class service and products as well as speaks to our credibility.


    Our Commitment

    to our people / staff

    “Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success”

    • We will focus on capability building, education and training.
    • We will take a performance and results driven approach.
    • We commit to building future leaders and helping our staff reach their potential.
    • We commit to creating a safe and fun environment to work in.

    Our Commitment

    to our women

    “When sleeping women wake, mountains move” African Proverb
    Women sit at the core of the Shea industry! Over 16 million rural African women participate in the collection and processing of shea kernels as a main source of income.
    We commit to employing, empowering, championing, lifting and supporting our women, recognising them as the powerhouses and key ingredient to our success.

    Our Commitment

    to our community

    “If you want to go fast, go alone! If you want to go far, go together”
    Our commitment to our community is that of enhancement, employment, giving back and working together for the good of the entire community.

    Our Commitment

    to our country

    “We have only one Nigeria”
    We stay true to our motherland, to our heritage, respecting and valuing our culture. Our commitment to Nigeria is to put our country on the map, change the narrative and be a global player in the industry.

    Our Commitment

    to our customers

    Our commitment to our customers simply to be honest, authentic, true to our values and deliver on our promises.

    Our Commitment

    to our planet

    Our commitment to our planet is to repurpose, reuse, recycle and replenish.

    All contributing towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals